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The Gerry Callahan Show

Jun 30, 2022

Today's GCS:

- Joe Biden is talking in Spain and we are expecting a disaster. 

- Massachusetts needs to seriously reconsider who they elect in to office.

- SUNY Fredonia love pedophile professors. 

- Rosie O’Donnell really hates Clarence Thomas and his wife. 


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Jun 29, 2022

Today's GCS:

- There are more fantastical stories coming from the January 6th hearings. 

- Stephen Colbert couldn't keep it together when AOC stopped by. 

- Howard Stern is running for President. 

- Dave Portnoy and Kirk Minihane talk abortion and Gerry. 

- LIV Golf second tournament set to tee off tomorrow. 


Jun 28, 2022

Today's GCS:

- Truck with 46 dead bodies and counting in San Antonio. 

- Hunter Biden's laptop keeps coming back to haunt Joe Biden. 

- Hunter also treats hookers with all class. 

- Whoopi Goldberg goes off on interracial marriage essentially. 

- Jamelle Hill lies, and actually got hammered for it. 

- Kari Lake is...

Jun 27, 2022

Today's GCS:

- Over the weekend there were a lot of "protests."

- Companies to pay for employee abortions and one even will bail you out of jail. 

- Dave Portnoy and Dan Bongino are going at it. 

- Nancy Pelosi pushes little girl. 

- Lori Lightfoot and Billy Joe Armstrong are so brave. 

- Kamala Harris all time word...

Jun 23, 2022

Today's GCS:

- Joe Biden is a slime ball who is trying so desperately to blames inflation on anything aside from his policies. 

- School in Uvalde set to be destroyed. 

- Mayor Eric Adams destroys dirt bikes. 

- RIP to the Goose. 

- "Hustle" Movie review. 

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