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The Gerry Callahan Show

Dec 23, 2020

The President did quite possibly his best speech regarding the pork inside the COVID Relief Bill. Peter Doocy is a 'one horse pony' after asking about Hunter Biden according to the President-elect. Governor Cuomo is excited for Santa. Charlie Baker puts the final nail in the coffin for restaurant owners. Tom Brady maybe jumped the gun on his jab at Tony Dungy on Twitter.  Today's Episode Is Sponsored By:  **Flagship Wealth: For a FREE REPORT '2020 Midyear Outlook' go to **Shea Concrete: For the highest-quality precast concrete products go to ***Raycon: Now’s the time to get the latest and greatest from Raycon. Get 15% off Raycon wireless earbuds at Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Follow Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: